Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oshudhwala?

OshudhWala is a professional online medicine service company – with an independent pharmacy and direct links to pharmaceutical suppliers – which provides delivery services to the public for medicine and other health care products.

Does we ensure the service quality?

Yes. Medicines that requires cold storage are delivered in our specially designed delivery box to ensure no loss in their usefulness or potency. We also ensure that any medicine that you order will not be in transit for more than 2-4 hours.

What services does OSHudhwala provide?

We provide a delivery service across Dhaka City for pharmaceutical products. You can order our online medicine service during emergency.

IS OSHUDHWala a licensed pharmacy service?

Yes. OshudhWala has the proper licensing for selling pharmaceutical products like other pharma companies in Bangladesh.

Is Online sale of Medicines legal in Bangladesh?

Yes. Our business model is compliant with the regulatory requirements of the Government of Bangladesh, and 
we are fully legally allowed to sell and distribute medicine through online  services like other pharma companies in Bangladesh.

What makes us a trusted provider of medicine?

We collects our medicinal products directly from pharmaceutical companies. Oshudhwala imposes zero tolerance policy for non-compliant standards in terms of obtaining, storing, and regulating medicine which makes us more proficient regarding delivery service.

Is there a delivery fee?

Yes, currently we have a delivery charge of 60 Taka. This charge may be waived depending on larger order amounts or promotional offers. 

How can I pay for my order?

Currently we accept cash on delivery for our online medicine service.